Protection of wires in staining and discoloration processes.
It provides protection, strength and natural elasticity of the wires.
Hair strong, rebuilt, hydrated and radiant colors.

Portier Cauterplex  is a multifunctional system of care and protection to the wires in the bleaching process, coloring, relaxation and thermal alignments.
Its formula enriched with new fiocortex ™, a complex functional amino acids which have a great power of adhesion to the wire, providing protection, strength and elasticity to natural hair.
The result of the application are strong hair, rebuilt, hydrated and radiant colors. 

GUARD  removes waste products are on the wires, making them opaque and heavy. It allows a deep cleansing with moisturizing action, red algae with cleansing and toning action. Gives lightness, flexibility, softness and shine. 

rebuilder 5x1 Rebuilder Cream with sercina, gelatinous protein that acts restoring and returning the natural elasticity of the wires, red algae that protect and promote shine, Vitamin B5 moisturizer excellent condition that provides softness to the hair damaged by chemical processes. 

Brushing SEALANT  fluid moisturizing, conditioning and untangling which acts aligning the cuticle facilitating the sliding brush and flat iron hair. Made with advanced technology with functional Bioactive that protect hair from breakage and damage, providing shine, softness and silkiness. 

ANTI-WASTE SHAMPOO Removes waste products end up weighing on the wires making them opaque and heavy. Made with lauryl glycoside, surfactant derived from natural corn glucose which allows a deep cleansing with moisturizing action, red algae with cleansing and toning action. 

IN WHAT TYPES OF HAIR apply?  In weakened hair, thin, damaged, porous and have the need for transformation by chemical processes. 

OFTEN WHAT SHOULD BE APPLIED?  According to the diagnosis wire may be used once per week or every 15 days, depending on the porosity and density of the yarns. 

IN WHAT CASES IT MUST BE APPLIED? In etching processes, brings back the hair proteins lost in physical actions, chemical and resulting from the use of heat tools. 
As SOS / rebuilder of hairs that are fragile and rubberized. 
Finally, with the PROTECTOR as a "wildcard" to prevent the wires from breaking and weakening in chemical processes. 

WHEN USING THE GUARD?  When you want to make a change in hair through chemical processes and as an enhancer of nutrition in creams and masks. 
When hair boozing during the chemical process after the rinse cycle acts as a neutralizer of negative action on the wires.

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