Acts replenishing lost hair mass.
Promotes the continued growth of the wires.
It provides softness, suppleness and shine. 

Portier Anabolic Hair is a moisturizing and fortification cream that acts recovering the battered hair and weakened by the constant use of chemical. 
It acts replenishing lost hair mass, making the continued growth of the hair remains totally healthy and strong, thus avoiding wire breakage. 
Moreover, shields the cuticles, giving softness, shine, softness and suppleness to the hair. 

IN WHAT TYPES OF HAIR apply? It can be applied in all hair types, especially those who have undergone chemical processes which are often subjected
to the dryer and use of the iron, which generates damage, dryness and loss of hair vitality. 

OFTEN WHAT SHOULD BE APPLIED? It can be used up to 2 times a week (8 times per month).
If the hair is extremely very parched, it is recommended to switch to a hydration process, leaving the product to act to damp hair for up to 25 minutes and then rinse it. 

CAN BE USED ON SCHEDULE HAIR?  Yes, it is a great ally in Capillary schedule.?
It fits the categories Reconstruction and Nutrition, by having in its active formulation that feed and nourish the wires.

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