Clean, conditions and models curly wire.
Moisturizes and nourishes the scalp and the hair fibers.
Models the wires that are dry, dull and lifeless.

Portier Caracoles was developed especially for curly and curly hair. 
Its clean action, untangles, conditions and model effectively the dry wires, dull and unexciting. 
It acts moisturizing and nourishing both the scalp as the hair fibers, providing the balance of the capillary structure.
The result of daily application are hydrated and nourished curls from root to tip, with revitalized glow and incredible softness.

SHAMPOO CREAM promotes a gentle cleansing of hair. Enriched with avocado butter that has action to hydrate and restore the wires.
Forms a foam that washes the hair leaving perfectly clean, soft and with more shine.

CONDITIONER CREAM Enriched with avocado butter acts hydrating the root wires to the ends, nourishing deep.
It contains an emollient that provides conditioning the hair improving combing wet and dry, with lubricity, reducing static.

LEAVE-IN Prepared with avocado butter intensive hydration promotes a high potential giving moisturizing and reconstructive wires.
It has a blend of nine exotic oils, recovering damaged hair, reducing frizz and curls umidificam, forming perfect waves without damaging them.

INTENSIVE MASK Suitable for curly, voluminous and dry hair. With avocado butter which promotes moisturizing, emolliency and softness from the roots to the tips.
In addition, it includes a blend of 9 exotic oils that promotes strengthening of the wires while maintaining the hydration and elasticity.

IN WHAT TYPES OF HAIR TO USE? On dry hair, curly, frizzy and curly that are dehydrated and lifeless.
It is an excellent ally for bulky and difficult to control hair.

OFTEN WHAT SHOULD BE APPLIED? Portier Caracoles can be applied daily in order to keep hydrated curls, set, glow and softness.

CAN BE USED IN HAIR SMOOTH BULKY? Yes, it is a great ally to smooth, bulky and dry hair in need of control and lots of hydration.

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