Promotes reduction of volume and intense hydration.
Prevents wire mass loss.
Hair with shine, silkiness and softness.

Portier Cycles B-tox Mask  is a fantastic mask Reconstructive that promotes reduction of volume and an intense hydration of the wires, causing proteins and amino acids into the fissures of the cuticles with the function of preventing the mass loss of hair.
Moreover, it reduces and controls the volume of an effective and lasting manner.
The result is the sealing of the cuticles, the brightness of the back yarn, softness, silkiness and volume control.

IN WHAT TYPES OF HAIR apply? It can be applied to all hair types, especially those affected by dryness, frizz by and with much volume, always remembering that you should check the health of wires.

OFTEN WHAT SHOULD BE APPLIED?It is recommended a range of 45 to 60 days between an application and another, and can be used whenever you feel the need for special care and a different discipline to the hair.

CAN BE USED IN THE RANGES OF PROGRESSIVE? Yes, Portier B-tox cycles is an excellent ally in the maintenance and durability of the smooth effect of thermal alignments.
It formula with a lower concentration of active volume reducer, however, with higher hydration power.

TIP: For a further reduction of the wire volume effect, you can leave a small amount of product on the hair at the time of rinsing. (about 30% of the amount of product).
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