Formulated with exotic oils, water and coconut oil.
Lubricant action and anti frizz to hair.
Perfect alignment of the cuticular surface of the hair.

PORTIER COCOLISS a capillary alignment formulated with exotic oils, coconut oil and water which impart a moisturizing, lubricating and anti-frizz to hair.
It acts as a conditioning agent, providing the perfect realignment of the cuticular surface of the wires through an emollient and reconstructive action, generating lightness, softness and a perfect fit to dry and rebellious wires.
The result is hair hydrated, controlled and with an incredible reflective shine.

SHAMPOO COCOLISS Thouroughly hair removing waste products accumulated in the hair fiber. It provides extremely clean wires, with full opening of cuticles, ready to receive the treatment.

MASK / MASK (STEP 2) Formulated with exotic oils with emollient action, lubricant and anti frizz. It acts as a condition, providing alignment of the cuticular surface, conferring to hair lightness, softness and movement. Made with China Cinnamon extract that promotes reflective shine to hair, Mirra that balances the oil and the fall of the wires, Oliva which enhances the effect of hydration and the Calamus oil that forms a protective film on the wires, keeping the realignment and hydration longer.

IN WHAT TYPES OF HAIR APPLY? It can be applied to all hair types, especially those affected by dryness, frizz by and with much volume, always remembering that you should check the health of wires and carry out the strand test.

OFTEN WHAT SHOULD BE APPLIED? The action of the product has an effect of up to three months. Since this is a chemical process, we recommend to make reapplication of the product only after a period of 3 to 6 months. It being possible to do the retouching when there is the need for special care and a different discipline to the hair.

IT IS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL CHEMICAL? Yes, Portier Cocoliss is compatible with all types of chemical, guanidine, henne, dyes, bleaches, thioglycolate, etalonanina and sodium hydroxide. Remembering always that you should check the health of wires and carry out the strand test.

BASIC TRICK: In blond, fragile and previous chemical processes hair, you should always take the precaution of using the temperature of the reduced board in parts sensitized due to the wire saturation.

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