Free of parabens, mineral oils and Petrolatum.
Assets directly extracted from the fruit.
It provides a deep hydration in areas most affected by dryness.

Portier Dococo is a line suitable for the daily care of the wires, completely free of parabens, mineral oils, Petrolatum and best formulated with actives extracted directly from the fruit.
Its action provides an intense cleaning, conditioning and deep hydration of the wires affected by daily aggressions and free radicals.
The result of the application are hydrated hair, tough, bright and with an incredible aroma!

Creamy Shampoo Portier Dococo leaves the lightest and natural hair.
Provides Gentle Cleansing removing impurities wires.
It helps to rebalance the natural moisture levels of the wires, protects against dryness, breakage and frizz.

Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner Portier Dococo, Ideal to leave the lightest and natural hair.
It is formulated with coconut oil that provides treatment with maximum nutrition, making them easy to untangle wires.
Constant use leaves the hair nourished, light, soft, shiny and more flexible.

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