Brightness, softness and silkiness.
It acts on damaged ends.
Perfect for progressive finishing.

Portier Semi de Lino developed with serine complex, glutamic acid and functionalized cysteine, a unique protein system and an ideal sequence of the main structural amino acids of keratin.
Gives the hair an intense shine, softness and incredible silkiness. WHAT KINDS OF HAIR APPLY? It can be applied to all hair types, especially those that are affected by dryness, frizz and with a lot of volume.
How often should it be used? At least once a week. The action of Semi de Lino will act directly on the damaged ends of the hair by external aggressions such as the sun, chemical processes and the use of hair dryer and flat iron.
TIP: Semi by Lino Portier is a great ally in the process of finishing the progressives. Spread 3 to 5 drops on your hands and spread well through your hair after finishing for a perfect, shiny look.

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