It provides a gentle cleaning the wire.
Intense moisturizing action.
Shine, softness and natural motion.

Portier Cacao Daily Use  is indicated for wire of care in post-chemical periods.
The Cacao Line Daily Use Shampoo is made up of Soft Cleaning, Wetting Wetting conditioner and mask and is formulated with cocoa extract that provides a mild cleaning the wires, as well as intense wetting, is essential to the hair in progressive post period.
The result of daily application are hair with a shine, softness and incredible natural motion.
GENTLE CLEANSING SHAMPOO  was formulated with cocoa extract and moisturizing assets that help promote the necessary cleansing to the hair become soft, silky and shiny. Suitable for all hair types, especially those who have gone through Portier Cacao alignment process.
CONDITIONER humectant  was formulated with cocoa extract with high power wetting preserving the natural moisture of the wires, conditions, moisturizes, facilitates combing and promotes silkiness, shine and softness. Suitable for daily use on dry hair, porous and also those using the Portier Cacao alignment.
Humectant MASK  was developed with cocoa extract that has moisturizing action and preserves the natural moisture of the wires, and provide softness, shine and softness. Suitable for dry, porous and devitalized hair.
Great combined with the hair that passed through the heat treatment Portier Cacao.
IN WHAT TYPES OF HAIR apply?  In all types of hair, especially chemically treated by heat Portier Cacao alignment.
OFTEN WHAT SHOULD BE APPLIED?  Suave Shampoo Cleaning and Wetting Conditioner can be used daily. Already Wetting mask once a week or when you feel the need for wetting the wires.

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