It provides cleaning, conditioning and regeneration.
Energizing and remineralizing action.
Polisscarídeos rich in vitamin E and assets of kelp.

Portier Exclusive Daily Use  is indicated for wire of care in post-chemical periods. 
The Exclusive Line Daily Use Shampoo consists of Remineralizing Intensive Conditioner and Intensive Mask and is formulated with seaweed that provide cleaning, conditioning and an intense revitalization of the wires and may also be used in progressive post period. The result of daily application are hair with a shine and incredible softness, and moisturized and revitalized wires. 

SHAMPOO Remineralizing  was developed for all hair types, especially dry and devitalized and those who have gone through Portier Exclusive alignment process. 
Enriched with extract of marine algae and minerals, it promotes a gentle cleansing, leaving the light and fluffy hair. 

INTENSIVE CONDITIONER  Rich in polysaccharides, vitamin E and active extracted from seaweed that promote an energizing and remineralizing action to hair. He is a strong ally in the daily care of the wires, especially those that are dry and devitalized and those who have gone through the thermal alignment Portier Exclusive.
The result is hair soft, conditioned and absolute brightness. 

INTENSIVE MASK Rich in polysaccharides, vitamin E, minerals and amino acids with invigorating action, reemiralizante and reconstructive and can be used once a week or whenever you use the thermal alignment Portier Exclusive. The result is strong hair, rejuvenated, hydrated, bright and powerful. 

IN WHAT TYPES OF HAIR apply?  In all types of hair, especially chemically treated by heat Portier Exclusive alignment. 

OFTEN WHAT SHOULD BE APPLIED?  Remineralizing Shampoo and Intensive Conditioner can be used daily.? Already Intensive Mask once a week or when you feel the need for a revival in the locks.

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