Restructuring the hair fiber.
Promotes an incomparable shine to the hair.
Hair with shine, softness and an incredible natural motion.
Portier Maintenance Macadamia indicated for hair care in the post-chemical period.
Has formula enriched with Macadamia highly emollient and which promotes an intensive hydration of the wires, restructuring the hair fiber, deep nutrition and improves combability.
The result of daily application are lavishing hair shine, softness and fascinating natural motion.

SHAMPOO promotes its incomparable brilliance hair softness and silkiness.
Enriched with calendula, argan and macadamia which has emollient and restorative action of the wires.
Forms a moisturizing foam that washes gently leaving them perfectly clean and extremely soft and silky hair. * Does not contain salt.

CONDITIONERSuitable for hair care is enriched with macadamia oil which is highly emollient promoting intensive hydration to the hair restructuring the hair fiber, nourishing deep improving combing.
It contains silk proteins, wheat and vegetable oils which give the softness hair silkiness and enhanced brightness.

MASK AFTER CHEMICAL Suitable for intensive revitalization of hair.
Made with hydrolyzed keratin, collagen, milk protein, Baru extract and óleosvegetais that nourish while promoting softness to the hair.
Enriched with macadamia nuts that gives your hair a radiant glow.

IN WHAT TYPES OF HAIR apply?In all types of hair, especially chemically treated that are dry, dehydrated and lifeless.

OFTEN WHAT SHOULD BE APPLIED? Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in can be used daily.?
The Mask Post Chemistry Macadamia Maintenance once a week or when you feel the need for hydration.

CAN BE USED ON SCHEDULE HAIR ? Yes, Portier Macadamia Maintenance is indicated for the Hydration period Capillary Schedule process.
It is combined with an excellent cleaning, conditioning and moisturizing wires.

BASIC TRICK After the application of the progressive, the Macadamia Maintenance Line can be used to aid the recovery of fluids and nutrients lost due to chemical use.
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