Matizador capillary alignment and in one application step.
Dispensing prewash.
Align the wires and tinting the same time
PORTIER UNIQUE MATIZ is the newest release of Portier. It is a hair conditioner emulsion that is specially developed for blond hair.
It is formulated with a new technology capable of restoring, abrade and prevent the aging of wires in a single application step, in addition to dispense pre-wash.
Moreover, it is rich in amino acids, proteins, avocado oil and coconut oil wires that give intense softness, volume reduces and eliminates frizz.
The result is silky strands, tinted, frizz and aligned with the cuticle.

IN WHAT TYPES OF HAIR apply? In blond hair, platinum, discolored or strands and affected by natural aging.

OFTEN WHAT SHOULD BE APPLIED?We recommend a range of 45 to 60 days from one application to another. It can be used whenever you feel the need for special care and a different discipline to the hair.

CAN BE USED IN PREGNANT WOMEN AND lActAting? No. We do not recommend the application of any chemical in pregnant and lactating women.

NEED TO WASH THE HAIR BEFORE THE APPLICATION? No. Portier Unique hue consists of a single step of applying and dispensing the pre-washing, can be inciar-process with the "dirty" hair.

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