Provides conditioning brightness and color uniformity.
Eliminates unwanted yellow tinge in their hair.
Highlights the blonde locks with a perfect tone.

Portier Hue Violet is an innovative matizador for blond hair.
Comprising shampoo, conditioner, mask matizadora, has developed a new formulation with a complex violet flowers, which provides conditioning wires, brightness and color uniformity.
The result is neutralization of yellowness and total return of platinum tone to natural or bleached blond hair.

MATIZADOR SHAMPOO Cleans and neutralizes the yellowish light that appears in the wires with time. Platinum adds a tone to natural or bleached blond hair. Formulated with a complex of Violet Flowers, responsible for the gradual shading of the yellowness of the wires, enhancing color and leaving them brighter.

CONDITIONER MATIZADORFormulated with a complex of Violet flowers that is responsible for the gradual shading of the yellowness of the wires, highlighting the color of the hair and leaving them brighter. The presence of plant extracts and oils gives a smooth formula, untangling, and nutritional condition. Assists in sealing the cuticles.

MASK MATIZADORA Formulated with a complex of Violet flowers that are responsible for maintaining the platinum light color, without the hair to lose its vitality, softness and shine. Wires revitalized, healthy and free of yellowing. The presence of extracts and vegetable oils help to seal the cuticles.

IN WHAT TYPES OF HAIR apply?In blond hair, platinum, discolored or fuses. Perfect for those who want to enhance locks and and eliminate unwanted yellowish tint that appears on the wires with the passage of time.

OFTEN WHAT SHOULD BE APPLIED? The line should be used once a week and can be switched to another line maintenance or nutrition wires.

It CAN BE USED AFTER DECOLORIZATION AS A MATIZADOR? Yes, when you reach the desired fade time should be applied directly on the wires, leaving it to act until you get the ideal neutralization.

TRICK BASIC Upon hydration with the mask Matizadora can be added a few drops of vegetable oil. This action helps in the nutrition of blond hair.

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